A review on my 2013


Well it's been one of them years.
My project a month has been a lot of fun, Edinburgh school of art exhibition, screenings in Austria, Belfast and London along with about 50 litres of beer.
I started these projects to keep me creatively focused and to have the deadlines I need to actually get stuff done rather than just talking about it.
I may not have always enjoyed the projects and a number even fell flat on their faces. I did however gain a lot from this year. Not only did I make a large number of contacts and got to exhibit my work I also feel I have developed as an artist.
As a self defined "stuff maker" I have definitely focused my work to film.
I am not saying I won't still be designing, photographing etc but my plan for next year is to focus on a few short films/docs over 2014.

So what has been my favourite project?

It has to be my February project. The month before my year went downhill (due to a flat fire).
This short one minute documentary filmed at Kelvingrove art museum has been viewed thousands of times and screened at a number of film festivals. Hopefully 2014 will have more of the same success. Already have a few ideas on the back burner just waiting to get a bit of attention.